How Gandalf Secures Your Notion and Google Docs


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In today’s article, we’ll explore how Gandalf ensures the safe sharing of your tokengated Notion & Google Docs. When you share a Gandalf tokengated Notion page (e.g

  • Only token holders that pass your restriction criteria can view the content. Nobody else.
  • Authorised viewers cannot share or dox the original source content URL.

Accomplishing this involves two primary challenges: rendering the document content (to only allowed viewers) and hiding the original URL(s).

Content Duplication & Server-side Rendering

When you submit a link to a Notion or Google Doc in Gandalf, we use remote browser(s) to navigate to that page and extract all the HTML, CSS & JavaScript content that make up the page. This allows us to reconstruct the page and server-side render it to only authorised users. This is a recursive process, such that sub-articles linked within the main document are also immediately accessible.

URL Obfuscation

To make sure that authorised users cannot access the original URL, Gandalf scrubs all references to the original URL. We accomplish this by looping through every asset (of every page) – be it code, images or styling, and replacing occurrences of the original URL with a new link that points to our own version of the asset.

And that’s how the ✨magic✨ is made!

Pro Tip 💡 – To keep your token gated content up to date, go to “My Gates” and hit the “Refresh” button. This will tell Gandalf to pull the latest version of your document.

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