Gandalf WordPress Plugin Beta

It’s very important to us at Gandalf that creators can continue to use their favourite tools – there’s a reason WordPress still accounts for 43% of the entire web. It’s an extremely powerful tool, with flexibility to build almost any kind of website as a result of familiar & easy to use UI, the new Gutenberg editor and an ever robust plugin ecosystem.

Today, we’re contributing to that ecosystem by releasing Gandalf WordPress Plugin 0.16.0 – we’re really excited to seeing what you build with it.

Why use the Gandalf WordPress Plugin?

With Gandalf + WordPress, the possibilities are honestly endless. You can truly tokengate ANYTHING. Any content you can put on a WordPress page or post can be restricted with the plugin. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

How it works

The Gandalf plugin is built on top of WordPress’s block editor, Gutenberg. This means that you can restrict access to any block on any page or post.

The Gandalf Plugin will replace the content of your block with our secure gate – which you can style to match the look & feel your site or brand. Only viewers with the right criteria will be able to access the hidden content.

Viewer trying to access tokengated content

Pro Tip 💡

You can use tools like Genesis Blocks & Genesis Custom Blocks to build custom layouts that can all be tokengated.

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At Gandalf, our mission is to evolve into the most comprehensive platform for tokengating, and this is just the beginning of our magical journey. We’re eager to hear from everyone—whether it’s feedback, new feature suggestions, or reports on bugs you’ve found!

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